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The Friends of India Network (FOIN) is committed to its Indian partners’ vision of No Village Left – to plant a healthy house ch*rch in every village of Northern India by 2033. FOIN empowers indigenous workers through financial and prayerful support and vital practical relief. Focusing on unreached and unengaged people groups, these partners equip pastors and trainers to travel to villages to share the Good News and plant ch*rches. In 2020, they created a Disciple Maker School to train and equip workers to serve as ch*rch planters, pastors, Bible school staff and strong leaders for the Kingdom. The majority of the workers needed to accomplish NVL will be trained at this school.


FOIN’s partners are also committed to educating and sharing the message of Ch*ist’s love with the Dalit (poorest of the poor) women and children by establishing a Ch*istian school, literacy centers, transformation groups and homes for abandoned children. 


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