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No Village Left


What will it take to see a healthy ch**ch in every village of Northern India?

“With 15,000 workers,” said our partner*., “we can plant a ch**ch in every village of Northern India in 10 years. We can see no village left! Right now we have 1,000 ch**ch planters, so pray for more workers.”

Imagine! He’s talking about a country where 95 percent of its 1.4 billion population are unreached – they haven’t heard the Good News. He’s talking about a region where less than 2 percent of its 700 million people are believers.

But, God!

The Lord blessed our partner. with a vision to see No Village Left. For the next five years, his organization will pilot a program in two districts (~5 million people total), and then expand. Our partner will place workers at each level of the districts, which are divided into sub-counties, then blocks, and villages, with existing workers at the higher levels and new grassroots workers at the village level. Each ch**ch planter will be responsible for planting a minimum of 15 healthy ch**ches and sharing about Jesus with at least 1,000 new believers.

What are healthy ch**ches? In addition to gatherings of 15-20 people with at least half of them baptized, our partner explains that they follow the first century ch**ch model found in Acts 2:42-47. Members are devoted to bibl**al teaching, trained to go out and share their testimony and plant additional ch**ches, and break bread, give, pray and worship together.

Our partner. is vision casting – getting everyone in the organization (and across the United States!) excited about and equipped for his or her role in achieving No Village Left. In addition to training workers, he recently traveled across the U.S. challenging supporters to invest and pray more.

“Let’s do more for God!” said our partner. “We have a short amount of time on this earth, so let’s give it all we can!”

Yes and amen!

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