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Disciple Maker School

Our partner created a Disciple Maker School to train and equip young adults to serve as ch*rch planters, pastors, Bible school staff and strong leaders for the Kingdom in this unreached region of Northern India. The majority of the workers needed to accomplish his vision of No Village Left – to plant a ch*rch in every village of Northern India by 2033 – will be trained at this school. The inaugural class of 52 male and female students graduated from a six-month residential course in Mission Study in January 2023. They examined topics such as the New Testament, Old Testament and life of Jesus, as well as studied ch*rch planting manuals, computers and spoken English. A new class of 100 students will begin in June 2023.

While the physical facility opened in 2022, the DMS originally started as an online school to teach ch*rch planters how to be healthy leaders in 2020. That first class, which included more than 130 students from 15 states across India, received their Mission Study diplomas in February 2021. Since this inaugural class occurred during Covid, school faculty, a U.S. teacher and author, and a guest speaker led classes over Zoom three times a week. Each member of the faculty had a Master of Divinity or Bachelor of Theology degree and 20-plus years of experience in ministry, and the guest speaker was typically a U.S. pastor who had been to India.

“All these trainees will be well-equipped for the ministry of Jesus,” said our partner. “They’re going to do great things for God!”

To support gospel-centered transformation across India,


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