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Our partner opened a Chr*stian school in 2019 to provide an excellent education and bright future for all students. While it started with 110 students, it now serves 1,300 children from nursery to 10th grade, and runs April to March. The school is one of the best in the district, with top-notch teachers and staff – all believers and English speakers – from all over India. In addition, the school is self-sustaining, and as tuition rises above operating costs, the organization is able to fund other aspects of the ministry, such as supporting its ch*rch-planting pastors. The school provides a free education for the orphans living in the ministry’s boys’ and girls’ homes.

“We’re giving these children an excellent education, and teaching them to pray and read the Bible,” said our partner. “They are going to be powerful witnesses for the Kingdom.”

The school is equipped with smart boards, a computer lab, air conditioning, desks and benches, a CCTV security system, and school buses. It’s also an attractive school with good lighting, lots of windows, and is well maintained.

To support gospel-centered transformation across India,


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