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New School Year Off to a Great Start


Friday was the first day of the new school year at the school* our partner operates and it was a great success! Our partner* opened the Chr**tian school with 120 students and 12 teachers in 2019, and by the grace of God, it now serves 950 youth and employees 32 teachers, 16 drivers, 14 teacher assistants, six cleaning staff, and four security guards. We praise the Lord for His faithfulness and for giving our partner the vision to provide students with a bright future and grow in them a heart for God.

Just like in the States, there is a nervous excitement and energy on the campus: What will I learn? Will I like my classmates and teachers? How much homework will I have? There are differences, too, of course. Besides sessions running April to March and all the teachers and staff being believers, the school also reserves free spots for the orphans (missing one or both parents) at nearby children's homes and some local pastors’ children. In addition, when income from school tuition rises above operating costs, the organization is able to fund other aspects of the ministry.

Our partner anticipates enrollment reaching 1,200 soon and having up to 1,800 students by the end of the school year. However, the existing facility doesn’t have the capacity to serve that many youth. To fulfill his vision, we need to build a fourth floor with 20 more rooms for classes, library, computer and science labs, music and other activities. Constructing the fourth floor will cost approximately $150,000, and furnishing it will cost a little over $136,000.

If your heart is for the orphaned children at the children's homes, they have ongoing financial needs as well. Our partner’s organization pays all the school fees for the 137 boys and girls currently at the children's homes (as well as 46 children of pastors), and he expects the caregivers to raise and nurture 200 youth soon.

$10/month covers 1 child’s school fees

$100/year pays 1 child’s school uniform, books and paper

$400/month funds electricity and utilities

These are great opportunities to join God where He is working and help grow His Kingdom! “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me’” (Matt. 25:40).

In Christ,

Friends of India Network

*Name omitted for security reasons.


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