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When we pray, God moves!

A group of people standing with a sign.

Call to pray

“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” (Matt. 18:19, NIV)

“When we pray, God moves.” This principle drives our partner’s* ministry. Prayer is powerful – and critical – to achieve the ministry’s vision of No Village Left (a healthy ch*rch in every village of Northern India by 2033). And, prayer is available to everyone – young and old, rich and poor, well-educated and illiterate alike.

Our partner and his leadership set a great example: They gather at the ministry’s training centers to pray from 5-6 AM every morning, and hold times of fasting prayer to “pray in” each new month of service. Prayer is not only for adults! The little orphans at the boys and girls homes – who our partner calls “prayer warriors” – as well as the students at the nursery-10th grade Chr*stian school and the vocational school, come together for an hour of prayer at 5 AM each day.

“The 10 to 20 people at little Indian house ch*rches may not be able to read the Word, but they can pray,” said our partner.* “God is here and he is listening. So, let’s get down on our knees!”

Are you as challenged as I am? Here are a couple ways you can join us in prayer:

  • 24-hour Prayer Chain on Sun., Nov. 19 – Cover our partner’s mass “holy bath” event in prayer. Our partner and his organization hope to give 20,000 new believers holy baths in 1,500 different locations across Northern India!

  • Zoom Prayer Meetings – FOIN’s prayer team meets via Zoom the first Thursday of each month from 5-5:30pm PST. (Note the new time!) If you are interested in joining the team – once, multiple times or every month! – please click here. We’ll send you a Zoom link the day before the Zoom call and you can join us when able.

Please pray for:

  • Resources to support the 15,000 full-time ch*rch-planters needed to accomplish No Village Left;

  • Workers to face persecution against Chri*tians with boldness and courage; and

  • People traveling to visit the ministry in early November.

*Name omitted for safety and security reasons.


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