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Lord Provides More Workers for His Harvest

A group of people standing with a sign.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

Because of your prayers, our gracious God is providing more workers for His plentiful harvest in Northern India! Thank you! Last year, our partner* and his team discipled 83,000 new believers, and now, the ministry is selecting 4,000 of them for a special assignment in accomplishing No Village Left (the vision to see a ch*rch in every village of Northern India by 2033). These emerging ch*rch planters will gather in groups of 40 for five days of training, be sent into the villages for three months, come back for five more days of training, repeating the process for 15 months.

Within that time, each worker will have started at least an initial house ch*rch or prayer group in 15 new villages! The ch*rch planters will continue working with and discipling these groups until they grow into healthy house ch*rches. Based on the Acts 2 model, a healthy ch*rch has 100-250 people who, among other things, are giving and going out sharing the Good News.

“I believe all the villages in Bi*ar state will have a healthy ch*rch in five years” said our partner. Hallelujah!

Before going out, master trainers will equip these new, young ch*rch planters (part of the 15,000 full-time workers needed to fulfill NVL) with training in the following:

  • Seven Commands of Christ (repent and believe, be bapti*ed, Lord’s Supper, love God and others, pray, give, and go and make disciples);

  • Four Fields method of ch*rch planting based on Mark 4:26-29 (how to enter a village where there isn’t a ch*rch, share the Good News, disciple others, and form a ch*rch);

  • Ch*rch and leader multiplication; as well as

  • How to study the Word.

A woman speaking to a group.

After training, they’ll travel to their panchayats – communities within villages – that will afford them a level of safety. Imagine a panchayat as the center of a circle with 15 villages of about 3,000 people spanning out 2 kilometers in each direction. The worker, or panchayat leader, lives in the middle and everyone knows him. So, when he travels to the different villages, if someone is unhappy, they won’t beat him, they’ll just ask him to go elsewhere.

You make an eternal impact with your prayers and generosity – let’s see No Village Left!


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