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COVID Relief Update


We are so encouraged by God’s faithfulness and your generous and rapid response to provide COVID relief! Within three weeks, more than $188,000 in actual and promised donations poured in! Thank you for standing with our brothers and sisters in India, being the global church and showing the love of Christ to those who are suffering.

Although we are still raising funds, this initial giving will bless 1,500 pastors (750 of Our partner’s* workers and 750 that his organization has trained) and 2,000 widows with two months worth of food. His organization will begin distributing the food packs, as well as money for cooking gas, next week. Your donations have also funded medical care for 40 workers and will financially sustain the 43 teachers and staff at the school for five and a half months.

While news reports show India’s new daily COVID cases are slowing, there is concern that many new infections aren’t being reported – especially in the rural villages. Our partner says that people are scared. India’s medical facilities are overrun and the health system has basically collapsed. Crematoriums are operating nonstop and running out of space, leading people to burn makeshift fires in parking lots and other open areas. The poor can’t afford the inflated price of firewood and are tossing bodies into the Ganges River. Lord, have mercy.

Our partner also shares that more than 75 of his workers have coronavirus symptoms and one has died. Medical bills continue coming in. In his extended network – those he’s trained but aren’t part of his organization – there are 300 individuals with symptoms and 20 who have died.

The coronavirus isn’t over and we are still raising money for COVID relief. If you haven’t already, please give as you are able. Any amount is appreciated. In addition, please continue praying for our partner and his family, the ministry workers and their families, the school* staff and students, and the orphans' home* children temporarily living in workers’ homes.

In Christ,

Friends of India Network

*Name omitted for security reasons.


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