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My Redeemer Lives


Stories of COVID relief and provision

God is so good! Since our partner’s* initial plea for COVID relief, $234,547 has poured in! Thank you! Your generous donations allowed 1,529 ch*rch-planting pastors and 2,200 widows to feed their families, 40 workers with COVID to receive medical care, and the 43 teachers and staff of the school* to stay in their homes. Thanks to your selfless giving, ministry workers like Anil, Birendra and Meera (stories below) are not only alive, their faith is stronger and they have a renewed sense of purpose.

Fully Dependent on God’s Provision

I am Anil, and I praise God for He has protected my family and kept us safe through COVID. We are fully dependent on God’s provision for survival. When the coronavirus spread to my village, it affected me financially. All the house ch*rches closed, which meant there was no offering or food for my family. For three days, we fasted and prayed for food, but our children were really suffering from not eating. I called the ministry office to let them know of our situation, and the next day our area leader brought us a month’s supply of food. I am so thankful to God! I will never forget this situation or what God has done in my life. He really cares about His people.

Jesus has Given Us New Life

My name is Birendra. I want to thank God, for He is faithful and His mercies endure forever. During the second wave of COVID, my family and I all got the coronavirus and thought we were going to die. We were locked down in our house, had gone through all our rations and no one was coming to see us. Our thoughts had turned really negative, but then the ministry office called. Once they learned of our situation, they called each day to pray for us and arranged for medicine and food. Slowly, we all recovered.

Thanks to all who are praying for us. Receiving aid from the ministry greatly increased my faith! My family and I thank God from the bottom of our hearts. Praise God we are alive - Jesus has given us new life!

My Redeemer Lives

I am Meera, and I thank God for He has been my refuge during a difficult time. During the last lockdown, my family was in crisis and had no food. When the ministry office brought us a big package of groceries, I was filled with hope and a smile returned to my face. My family was so happy. I can’t express in words how peaceful I felt after receiving this aid. Now, like Job, I can say my Redeemer lives! I am grateful to God and want to thank His people who sacrificially helped us. I assure you that I will continually pray for you all.

Your prayers and generosity blessed so many who were suffering during the pandemic. Thank you.

In Christ,

Friends of India Network

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever” (Psalm 107:1, NIV).

*Name omitted for security reasons.


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