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Big Celebration in Heaven


Our partner’s* mass “holy bath” event was a joyous celebration! Thank you for praying – the Lord heard and answered our prayers! On Thanksgiving Day, 14,223 people from 13 regions took holy baths in 1,122 locations across northern India. Glory to God! From the Ganges River to concrete tubs to steel drums to what looks like a flower pot,** men and women, young and old publicly testified to having become new creations in Christ.

“There was a big celebration in heaven with much joy!” said our partner. “God was very pleased.”

We rejoice over our newest brothers and sisters in Christ, and are grateful that God placed His hedge of protection around every aspect of the holy baths. Please continue praying for these believers. May their faith grow deeper and their vision of God grow bigger as they experience more of His love and grace.

In Christ,

Friends of India Network

*Name omitted for security reasons.

**Actually a feeding trough for cows.


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