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Rejoicing in Heaven

Mass "Holy Bath" Event a Success


We have exciting news! On Thanksgiving Day, 9,147 believers from 46 unreached people groups* took “holy baths” in 778 locations! All of heaven is rejoicing!

“Praise God for this wonderful thing He has done!” said our partner.* “And, thank you to all the friends of India for your prayers and support.”

Holy baths continue to take place all over northern India. While 9,000 people being welcomed into the family of God in one day is phenomenal, the number was less than hoped. Leading up to the event, a number of workers experienced threats. Our partner assured them it was OK to perform holy baths on a different day; the act is what matters, not the date.

We are grateful to God for His faithfulness, protection and wisdom, and are thankful to be a part of this Kingdom movement in India with you.


*An unreached people is a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believers with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group without outside assistance. (


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