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Rejoice with Us!

7/20/2022 - Message from our Partner*

Dear Friends of India,

I am so happy to share a brief report on our Global Outreach Week (June 24-30)! Our Almighty God was with us and used us greatly as we moved forward by faith. With His help, we organized 3,931 teams who shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with 3,786,073 people across Northern India! After hearing the message, 698,975 villagers said they believe in Jesus. Hallelujah! In addition, our workers identified 103,308 persons of peace, who we will follow up with over the next six months. The hope is that they will take the training to become house ch**ch leaders.

Our teams worked faithfully – walking long distances, crossing rivers, valleys and mountains – to reach 80,130 new villages across 15 states. Villagers were eager to learn more about Jesus, and many opened their homes for prayer and fellowship. God performed healings and delivered countless people from evil spirits.

I also acknowledge that without prayer, this Global Outreach Week would not have been a success. So, thank you prayer partners for joining together in reaching the lost. I truly believe that labor in the Lord is never in vain (1 Cor. 15:58); our efforts will bring great glory and honor to God Almighty!

In Christ,

Friends of India Network

*Name omitted for security reasons.


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