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Vision Spotlight: School

We’ve been shining a light on different components of the 10-year plan the Lord gave our partner*, and how they fit into the vision of No Village Left – to plant a ch*rch in every village of Northern India by 2033. Today, we’ll focus on the school our partner created to give students a bright future, grow in them a heart for God, and provide income for the ministry.

This Chr*stian school opened in 2019 with 110 students, and by the grace of God it now serves 1,420 young people from nursery to 10th grade! Running April to March, it is one of the best schools in the area, with top-notch teachers and staff who are all believers and speak English. Our partner’s team manages the school really well, and not only is it self-sustaining – meaning income from tuition surpasses operating costs – the school is able to financially support 30-50 ch*rch-planting pastors! Hallelujah! (The pastors’ monthly honorarium is in addition to the free spots reserved for orphans at the homes and some of the local pastors’ children.)

Most of the construction and furnishing of the fourth floor were completed in time to accept more students this new school year, with exterior plastering and painting to wrap up in a couple of months. Looking ahead, the ministry purchased the land behind the school for an additional three buildings. Since the school generates financial support for many church planters and provides an excellent Chr*stian education for the next generation, the ministry plans to use the existing building for primary grades and construct new structures for secondary, high school and college. In total, the campus will be able to serve 8,000 students.

Plan for 10 Years:

  • Develop playground and sports fields (basketball, cricket and soccer)

  • Purchase sports equipment

  • Build three more school buildings on site at $1 million each

*Name omitted for security reasons.


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