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Vision Spotlight: Ch*rch Planting Training

We’re shining a light on different sections of the remarkable 10-year plan the Lord gave our partner.* A couple weeks ago, we looked at No Village Left – the vision to see a healthy ch*rch in every village of Northern India by 2033. Why 2033? It’s the 2,000-year anniversary of the Great Commission! Today, we’ll focus on training and how that is key to growing this incredible disciple-making, ch*rch-planting movement.

While it’s wonderful to bring unreached people to Christ, we don’t stop there! We want every believer to become a disciple maker, to tell others about Jesus and how to follow Him. Believers receive one day of disciple-maker training, covering the Seven Commands of Jesus (repent and believe, be bapti*ed, Lord’s Supper, love God and others, pray, give, and go and make disciples) and Journey with Jesus.

For this Kingdom movement to be sustainable, ch*rches must be healthy. What good is it if a ch*rch is planted, only to dissolve a couple years later because of poor leadership? So, the ministry trains and equips house ch*rch leaders to become strong pastors. Over two days, they learn about the Four Fields method of ch*rch planting (based on Mark 4:26-29), as well as the importance of pastoral care.

Since the ministry began in 2010, it has trained 102,398 disciples, with almost 33,000 trained last year alone. Our God-sized goal is to train approximately 2 million believers and leaders over the next 10 years.

Plan for 2023-2033

Train 250,000 house ch*rch leaders to be pastors $5/person

Train 1.7 million believers to become disciple makers $1/person

What an exciting time to be a follower of Jesus!

*Name omitted for safety reasons.


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