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Outreach Week Results

Outreach Reaps a Great Harvest!

Inspiring stories of healing, redemption and hope

Thank you for praying for and giving toward Friends of India Network’s Summer Outreach Week 2023! The Lord God Almighty answered, empowering and protecting our workers as they shared the Good News with almost 1.3 million people who had never heard the name of Jesus! Over 158,000 of them made the life-changing decision to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior! Hallelujah! In addition, the teams found more than 24,000 persons of peace – those who are open to the message and a bridge to other villagers.

Over the next six months, workers will follow up with these contacts, go deeper in the Word and hopefully, the persons of peace will start prayer groups in their homes that develop into house ch*rches. This outreach is key to accomplishing No Village Left – the vision to see at least one ch*rch in every village of Northern India by 2033.

Below, four pastors share their outreach experiences, including healings, redemption and encounters they’ll always remember. Pastor Philip sums it up well:

“The miracle we witnessed reaffirms our commitment to continue spreading the go*pel, knowing that through faith and prayer, lives can be forever changed; hope can be restored even in the most desperate of circumstances.”

Challenged, Yet Unwavering: Spreading the Gos*el Amidst Opposition

I am Pastor Pra*ad. Our outreach began on June 24, filled with great enthusiasm and a deep sense of purpose. We arrived at a village in Odi*ha, our banner in hand, and started proclaiming the Good News. However, a group of six or seven young people snatched the banner away, yelled insults, and threatened us if we didn’t leave immediately. It was disheartening to witness such animosity toward our message of love and hope, but we left to share at the next village.

Please pray for God to touch the hearts of the Odi*ha villagers, that they will come to know the salvation found in Jesus. Pray that the walls of hostility and resistance be broken down, and that the light of the gos*el will shine.

Transformed by Grace: Journey of Healing and Redemption

I am Pastor Ve*u. It was a tremendous blessing to be a part of Summer Outreach Week. God provided numerous opportunities to share the Good News with many people, and I had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of His love.

One particular encounter deeply impacted me. I visited a lady named Sm*i, who had a habit of eating toxic betel nuts. Despite her family’s best efforts, they were unable to persuade her to stop. It was then that God opened the door for me to share the message of Jesus with her. As I prayed, God touched her heart, and she began to weep, confessing her sins to Jesus.

From that moment on, she stopped eating the nuts and began behaving normally. I gave her a New Testament Bible, and she started meditating on the Word of God. As a result, she experienced growth in every aspect of her life – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Witnessing the remarkable transformation in Sm*i’s life, her neighbors became curious about the Good News. God used her as a vessel to share His love with the rest of Sm*i’s community.

Reviving the Church: A Renewed Commitment to God’s People

My name is Pastor Kun*an, and I carry a sense of remorse for what happened to a ch*rch in a village of Bi*ar. Before 2019, it thrived as a place of worship, but the Covid pandemic forced its closure. I forgot about the ch*rch and God’s people. However, during this outreach week, God graciously provided an opportunity to revisit the place that was once filled with His presence.

I humbly sought forgiveness from the Lord, vowing never to abandon His people again. I pledged to help the believers grow mature in Christ. To support this mission, Pastors Kran*i and Esa*ar visited the ch*rch, providing encouragement and imparting the Word of God to the believers. Their presence inspired the congregation to embrace the Summer Outreach, participating in reaching the unreached within their community and beyond. The ch*rch experienced a revival, as the love and passion for sharing the Good News of Jesus became their driving force.

Through this journey, we have learned the importance of staying committed to God and His people, even in the face of challenges. Our renewed dedication ensures that the ch*rch in this village continues to thrive.

Transformative Power of Miracles: Healing and Salvation Through Faith

I am Pastor Phi*ip, serving in Jhark*and. I set out with my dedicated team of pastors, to spread the go*pel to the unreached corners of the land. Among our many encounters over the week, one particular meeting will forever remind me of God’s power and compassion.

As we traveled village to village, a frail, distressed lady approached us. She had suffered severe blood loss for the past two months and no doctors had been able to help. Moved by her plight, we offered to pray for her.

Miraculously, God stopped her bleeding! Witnessing this healing, the people around us were amazed and became interested in and open to the message of Jesus. Now, this once-ailing lady is sharing her testimony with everyone she meets, and bringing others to the saving knowledge of the Lord.

Your giving and prayers fuel this exciting Kingdom movement, and will ensure there's a ch*rch in every village of Northern India by 2033!

*The "official" teams shared the Good News with 1,010,022 people, and 25,000 believers reached another 250,810 of their friends and family.


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