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Encouraging Stories of Transformation

A group of people standing with a sign.

Workers share encounters from outreach week

During Christmas Outreach Week (Dec. 16-22), teams traveled to villages across Northern India to share the Good News. With the aid of story banners, 3,630,601 people learned of Christ’s saving love for the first time, and 290,445 of them accepted Him as Lord! Below are several stories from our workers recounting miraculous healings and lives forever changed. Your generosity and prayers made all of these God encounters possible – thank you!

My name is Rami. I was suffering from a back injury and couldn’t get up from my bed. I had lost all hope, as I live in a very remote area. In the month of December, an outreach team came to share the g*spel of Christ with us. Praise God that they were close enough to my house for me to hear their voices. I called them and asked for prayer for my sickness. After prayer, I started feeling better and my pain disappeared. I believed in Jesus and started attending a house prayer group. Praise be to God Almighty for reaching me with His healing hand!

I am Soren, come from a Hindu family, and suffered from epilepsy. I came to know the Lord Jesus when an outreach team came to my village. I was in the crowd when they shared the Good News. Even though I was an idol worshiper, I asked the team to pray for me. A servant of God named Sumit prayed for me and the symptoms of epilepsy disappeared! Afterward, I visited Sumit’s house ch*rch and surrendered my life to Jesus. 

I am Sarveshwar and work as an electrician. One day I was electrocuted on the job and became disabled. I used to believe in exorcism, witchcraft and idol worship. But, on December 23, I heard about Jesus Christ for the first time from Pastor Baiju. I accepted the message with faith, the pastor prayed for me, and I got peace. Now I live for Jesus Christ. I praise God for sending Baiju to share the Good News of Jesus with me. 

My name is Dasrath, and I am a ch*rch planter serving the Lord. First of all, I want to thank God for His saving grace. During Christmas Outreach Week, God saved a young man named Vijay. I was walking from one village to another one to share the g*spel, when I met this unknown person. I started a conversation with him, and shared about Jesus. He confessed that he was an alcoholic and was on his way to a wine shop. I prayed for him – and praise God! – he accepted Jesus as his personal savior. This man promised not to consume alcohol anymore. 


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