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Celebrate and be Encouraged!


As we reflect on how God moved through our partner* this past year, join us in praising the Lord Almighty for His faithfulness, provision and protection. We are grateful to experience this incredible Kingdom movement in India with you and appreciate your prayers and support that make these accomplishments possible.

Celebrate and be encouraged by what the Lord did in 2022:

  • Our partner launched No Village Left – the vision to see a healthy ch**ch in every village of Northern India by 2033. We are overjoyed to share that the ministry has reached the two pilot districts – Kaimur (1,698 villages) and Rohtas (2,082 villages) – and will now expand the program. Hallelujah! For reference, districts are similar to U.S. counties and have a population of 1 million to 1.5 million people.

  • During Christmas Outreach Week (Dec. 16-22), teams of two traveled to 19,979 villages of Northern India to share the Good News with over 200 unreached people groups. With the aid of story banners, more than 2.6 million people learned of Christ’s saving love for the first time, and 587,666 of them accepted Him as Lord. In addition, workers found almost 25,000 persons of peace to follow up with and start house ch**ches.

  • On Thanksgiving Day, 9,147 believers from 46 unreached people groups took “holy baths” in 778 locations. While 9,000-plus people being welcomed into the family of God in one day is phenomenal, the number was less than hoped. Leading up to the event, a number of workers experienced threats. Our partner assured them it was OK to perform holy baths on a different day; the act is what matters, not the date.

  • In June, the first in-person class of 56 students began a six-month residential course at our new Disciple Maker School. These young people came from four states of India to be trained and equipped as ch**ch planters, trainers and leaders for the Kingdom. They learned basic information about the New and Old Testaments and the life of Jesus, as well as ch**ch planting, computers and spoken English.

  • During Global Outreach Week (June 24-30), 3,931 teams shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with 3,786,073 people across Northern India. After hearing the message, 698,975 villagers said they believed in Jesus. Praise the Lord! Workers identified 103,308 persons of peace to follow up with and train as well.

  • The school’s* enrollment increased from 400 students to 1,300 in primary to 10th grade. Construction of the fourth floor is underway and will allow the school to serve an additional 500 students when the next session begins in April. The school is one of the top schools in the district and is self-supporting.

  • Construction of a third floor for the boys' home* continues as the ministry houses and serves 95 boys, up from 80 last year. The girls' home* now serves 71 orphaned girls, up from last year’s 42. These children’s lives have been forever changed – they now have hope and a future. They are being educated and raised to one day lead the nation based on Chr**tian principles.

With gratitude,

*Name omitted for safety reasons.


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